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Is Solar Energy Suitable For You? 7 Tips For Going Solar

The following 7 tips for going solar should help you decide if solar energy is suitable for your home or whether the economics are unfavorable. This type of seemingly free energy looks very attractive at first glance, but there are some factors that might count against it and others that could render it extremely attractive. […]

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Smooth Top Stoves: Pros and Cons of Ceramic Cookers

Smooth top stoves have a modern look to them, and the term encompass both glass and ceramic topped cookers. Many love them while others hate them, so what are the pros and cons of a smooth surface stove in comparison with regular electric cookers? PROS:  The Benefits of Smooth Top Stoves 1.  Sleek Modern Looks […]

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Home Disasters: Preparing Your Home For a Disaster

Home disasters do happen, and preparing your home for a disaster is a worthwhile thing to do. Your geographical location and history will give you an idea of the type of incident you may experience, so don’t prepare for a flood on top of a mountain!  That might seem facetious but you would be surprised […]

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