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Doug Smaldino
July 8, 2022
1 min read

Things are improving and I believe we are through the worst of it! “Doug Smaldino, Guru”

Everyone is blowing us up about the current market & economy. What about Inflation? Jobs? Supply Chain? War in Ukraine? The news is great at hammering out bad news and selling “Doom & Gloom”, but savvy buyers and taking huge advantage of this market and capitalizing on deals that did not exist 8 months ago!

Free Mortgage Seminar

We are so happy for our buyers, but the purpose of this post and video is to help you understand what’s going on and present a different perspective than what’s in the news! Whether you are a current homeowner of if you are looking to purchase a new home join us on Tuesday for a free meeting to go over what’s going on. Register to join us.

4 Things Heading into the Weekend

  1. Jobs report – stronger than expected? What recession undecided?
  2. Stock Market on the move – 5 straight up days – Under Pressure, but moving higher!
  3. Mortgage rates slowly inching down!
  4. Real Estate prices – some movement downward, but still multiple offers on great homes